Find out how long it will take to ship your parcel in Canada.

Shipping Delivery Standard Canada

Standard delivery times (in business days) by Province. Below data provided by Canada Post.

(T0A - T9X)

5 Business Days Postal Codes

Upto 5 business days.

T0H Remote: T0H 0C9  T0H 2Y0

T0A  T0C  T0G  T0J - T0K  T0M

T0B  T0E  T0H  T0L


T1A - T1C  T1H  T1J - T1L  T1S

T1G  T1M  T1P  T1R  T1V - T1W

T1X - T1Z

T2A - T2C  T2E  T2G - T2H  T2J - T2N  T2P  T2R - T2T  T2V - T2Z

T3A - T3C  T3E  T3G - T3H  T3J - T3N  T3P  T3R - T3T  T3Z

T4A - T4B  T4V

T4C  T4E  T4G - T4H  T4J  T4L - T4N  T4P  T4R - T4T  T4X

T5A - T5C  T5E  T5G - T5H  T5J - T5N  T5P  T5R - T5T  T5V - T5Z

T6A - T6C  T6E  T6G - T6H  T6J - T6N  T6P  T6R - T6T  T6V - T6Y

T7A  T7E  T7N  T7P  T7S  T7V  T7X - T7Z

T8A - T8C  T8E  T8G - T8H  T8N  T8T

T8L  T8R  T8V - T8X


T9A  T9E  T9G  T9N  T9S  T9W - T9X

T9C  T9H  T9J - T9K  T9M


13 Business Days Postal Codes

Upto 13 business days.

T0A Remote: T0A 0A4 - T0A 0A5  T0A 0B5 - T0A 0B6  T0A 0C4  T0A 0E3  T0A 1M0  T0A 1S0 - T0A 1S1  T0A 1X0  T0A 2A0  T0A 2B0  T0A 2E0  T0A 2J0  T0A 3G0  T0A 3K0  T0B 0M0  T0C 0R0  T0C 0S0  T0C 0W0  T0C 1W0  T0E 0B2  T0E 0K0  T0E 0L0  T0E 1H0  T0G 0A5  T0G 0K0  T0G 2N0  T0G 2W0  T0H 0E6  T0H 0G6  T0H 0N0  T0H 0S0  T0H 1J0  T0H 2N0 - T0H 2N2  T0H 3X0  T0H 4A0  T0J 0A5  T0J 0B3  T0J 0E7  T0J 0K0  T0J 0X0  T0J 1C0  T0J 1H0  T0J 1L0  T0J 1M0  T0J 2G0  T0J 2M0  T0J 2Z0  T0J 3C0  T0J 3J0  T0K 0A0  T0K 0A5  T0K 0B4 - T0K 0B5  T0K 0C3  T0K 0C5  T0K 0C9  T0K 0S0  T0K 1E0  T0K 1L0  T0K 1N0  T0K 1R0  T0K 2J0  T0K 2M0  T0K 2R0  T0L 0B2  T0L 1Y0  T0L 2H0  T0M 0C6  T0M 1L0  T0M 2H0T0H

Remote: T0H 0B9  T0H 1R0  T0P

0A1  T0P 1B0

T0P  T0V

British Columbia

(V0A - V9Z)

6-7 Business Days Postal Codes

Upto 6-7 business days.

V0J Remote: V0J 3N0

V0N Remote: V0N 0A3  V0N 0A9  V0N 0B1  V0N 0B7  V0N 0E5  V0N 1B0 - V0N 1B9  V0N 1V0 - V0N 1V9  V0N 2P0  V0N 2R0  V0N 3A0

V0R Remote: V0R 0A9  V0R 0B1  V0R 0B5  V0R 0C2  V0R 1L0 - V0R 1L5  V0R 1N0 - V0R 1N2  V0R 2L0  V0R 2P0  V0R 2W0  V0X 1T0

V0A - V0C  V0E  V0G - V0H  V0J - V0L  V0N  V0P  V0V

V0M  V0R - V0S  V0X


V1A - V1C  V1E  V1H  V1J - V1L  V1N  V1R  V1T

V1G  V1M

V1P  V1V - V1Z


V2A  V2G  V2J

V2B - V2C  V2E  V2H

V2K - V2N  V2P  V2R - V2T  V2V - V2Z

V3A  V3G  V3Y

V3B - V3C  V3E  V3H  V3J - V3N  V3R - V3T  V3V - V3X  V3Z

V4A - V4C  V4E  V4G  V4K - V4N  V4P

V4R - V4S  V4V - V4X  V4Z


V5A - V5C  V5E  V5G - V5H  V5J - V5N  V5P  V5R - V5T  V5V - V5Z

V6A - V6C  V6E  V6G - V6H  V6J - V6N  V6P  V6R - V6T  V6V - V6Z

V7A - V7C  V7E  V7G - V7H  V7J - V7N  V7P  V7R - V7T  V7V - V7Y


V8A - V8C  V8E  V8G  V8J

V8K  V8M

V8L  V8N  V8P  V8R - V8T  V8V - V8Z

V9A - V9C  V9E

V9G - V9H  V9J - V9N  V9P  V9R - V9T  V9V - V9Z

13 business days Postal Codes

Upto 13 business days.

V0B Remote: V0B 1R0  V0C 0A7 - V0C 0A9  V0C 0B1  V0C 0B8  V0C 1E0  V0C 1G0  V0C 1K0  V0C 1L0  V0C 1S0  V0C 1Y0  V0C 1Z0  V0C 2A0  V0C 2B0  V0C 2H0  V0C 2R0  V0C 2S0  V0C 2T0  V0C 2V0  V0C 2X0  V0C 2Z0  V0E 1S0  V0G 0B1  V0G 0B5  V0G 1B0  V0G 1N0  V0J 0A2  V0J 0B4  V0J 0B6  V0J 0B8  V0J 0C4 - V0J 0C5  V0J 1A0  V0J 1H0  V0J 1J0  V0J 1K0  V0J 1R0  V0J 1T0  V0J 1X0  V0J 2B0  V0J 2H0  V0J 2K0  V0J 2P0  V0J 2T0  V0J 2W0  V0J 2Z0  V0J 3C0  V0J 3E0  V0J 3J0  V0J 3M0  V0J 3T0  V0K 0B3  V0K 1N0  V0K 1P0  V0L 0A2 - V0L 0A3  V0L 0A7 - V0L 0A9  V0L 0B1  V0L 1A0  V0L 1B0  V0L 1C0  V0L 1H0  V0L 1J0  V0L 1K0  V0L 1M0  V0L 1R0  V0L 1S0  V0L 1T0  V0L 1V0  V0L 1W0  V0L 1X0  V0N 0A6  V0N 0B2  V0N 0E4  V0N 1Z0  V0N 2V0  V0N 3L0  V0P 0A1 - V0P 0A2  V0P 1K0  V0P 1Z0  V0R 0B4  V0R 1B0  V0R 2B0  V0R 2J0  V0S 1K0  V0V 1B0

V0J Remote: V0J 0B7  V0J 3B0  V0N 1M0  V0N 2B0  V0P 0A4  V0P 1B0  V0P 1J0  V0P 1L0  V0P 1P0  V0P 1S0  V0P 1V0  V0P 1W0  V0R 0B3  V0R 1A0  V0T 0A3  V0T 0B3  V0T 1L0  V0T 1P0  V0V 0A2  V0V 1A0  V0V 1C0  V0V 1E0  V0V 1H0

V0T  V0W


(R0A - R9A)

3-4 Business Days Postal Codes

Upto 3-4 business days.

R0B Remote: R0B 1S0  R0C 0B8  R0C 1E0

R0A  R0C  R0E  R0G - R0H  R0J - R0M


R1A - R1B  R1N


R2C  R2E  R2G - R2H  R2J - R2N  R2P  R2R  R2V - R2Y

R3A - R3C  R3E  R3G - R3H  R3J - R3N  R3P  R3R - R3T  R3V - R3Y

R4A  R4G

R4H  R4J - R4L

R5A  R5R  R5T

R5G - R5H  R5J - R5N  R5P

R6M  R6P  R6T  R6W

R7A - R7C  R7N

R8A  R8N


13 Business Days Postal Codes

Upto 13 business days.

R0A Remote: R0A 0S0  R0B 0A3  R0B 0A7 - R0B 0A9  R0B 0B1  R0B 0B4  R0B 0B6 - R0B 0B8  R0B 0C1 - R0B 0C2  R0B 0E0 - R0B 0E1  R0B 0G0  R0B 0L0  R0B 0S0  R0B 0W0  R0B 0Y0  R0B 1A0  R0B 1B0  R0B 1E0  R0B 1L0  R0B 1M0  R0B 1P0  R0B 1R0  R0B 1W0  R0C 0B9  R0C 0E2  R0C 0G4  R0C 0V0  R0C 1V0  R0C 2A0  R0C 2P0  R0C 3K0  R0E 0B1  R0E 0B6  R0E 0C3  R0E 0J0  R0E 1E0  R0E 1K0  R0E 1N0  R0E 2E0  R0J 0L0  R0J 0Z0  R0J 1K0  R0J 1Y0  R0L 0A3  R0L 0A6  R0L 0B5  R0L 0C5  R0L 0E2  R0L 0K0  R0L 0M0  R0L 0R0  R0L 1L0  R0L 1Y0  R0L 2C0  R0L 2K0

R0B Remote: R0B 0A0 - R0B 0A2  R0B 0A4  R0B 0B0  R0B 0B2  R0B 0B5  R0B 0B9  R0B 0C3 - R0B 0C9  R0B 0E2 - R0B 0E4  R0B 0M0  R0B 0N0  R0B 0T0  R0B 0V0  R0B 0Z0  R0B 1C0  R0B 1G0  R0B 1H0  R0B 1J0  R0B 1K0  R0B 1N0  R0B 1Z0  R0B 2B0  R0B 2C0  R0B 2E0  R0B 2G0  R0B 2H0  R0C 0J0

New Brunswick

(E1A - E9H)

2-3 Business Days Postal Codes

Upto 2-3 business days.

E1A - E1C  E1E  E1G - E1H  E1J - E1K

E1N  E1V - E1X

E2A  E2V

E2E  E2G - E2H  E2J - E2N  E2P  E2R - E2S

E3A - E3C  E3E  E3G

E3L  E3N  E3V  E3Y - E3Z

E4A - E4C  E4E  E4G - E4H  E4J - E4N  E4P  E4R - E4T  E4V - E4Z

E5A - E5C  E5E  E5G - E5H  E5J - E5N  E5P  E5R - E5T  E5V

E6A - E6C  E6E  E6G - E6H  E6J - E6L

E7A - E7C  E7E  E7G - E7H  E7J - E7N  E7P

E8A - E8C  E8E  E8G  E8J - E8N  E8P  E8R - E8T

E9A - E9C  E9E  E9G - E9H

Newfoundland and Labrador

(A0A - A8A)

4-7 Business Days Postal Codes

Upto 4-7 business days.

A0H Remote: A0H 0A7

A0R Remote: A0R 1B0

A0A - A0C  A0E  A0G - A0H  A0J

A0K - A0N



A1A - A1C  A1E  A1G - A1H  A1N

A1K - A1M  A1S  A1V - A1Y

A2A - A2B

A2H  A2N




13 Business Days Postal Codes

Upto 13 business days.

A0E Remote: A0E 3B0  A0G 0B3  A0G 0B8  A0G 0C9  A0G 0E8  A0G 0H5  A0G 0J5  A0G 0J8  A0G 1R0  A0G 1W0  A0G 2B0  A0G 2W0  A0G 2X0  A0G 3V0  A0G 3Z0  A0G 4A0  A0G 4B0  A0G 4H0  A0H 0B8 - A0H 0B9  A0H 0C3  A0H 1L0  A0H 1N0  A0H 2C0  A0H 2J0  A0J 0B1 - A0J 0B2  A0J 1K0  A0J 1L0  A0J 1N0  A0K 0A1 - A0K 0A2  A0K 0A5  A0K 0A7 - A0K 0A8  A0K 0B1  A0K 0B3  A0K 0B7  A0K 0C1 - A0K 0C2  A0K 0C6  A0K 0C8 - A0K 0C9  A0K 0E5  A0K 0E9  A0K 0G1 - A0K 0G3  A0K 0G8 - A0K 0G9  A0K 0H1  A0K 0H3 - A0K 0H5  A0K 0H7 - A0K 0H9  A0K 0J1 - A0K 0J3  A0K 0J6  A0K 0J9  A0K 0K1  A0K 0K3  A0K 1A0  A0K 1C0  A0K 1J0  A0K 1K0  A0K 1L0  A0K 1M0  A0K 1P0  A0K 1T0  A0K 1V0  A0K 1W0  A0K 1Y0  A0K 1Z0  A0K 2B0  A0K 2G0  A0K 2H0  A0K 2J0  A0K 2N0  A0K 2P0  A0K 2V0  A0K 2W0  A0K 2X0  A0K 3K0  A0K 3L0  A0K 3N0  A0K 3P0  A0K 3Y0  A0K 4A0  A0K 4E0  A0K 4J0  A0K 4K0  A0K 4L0  A0K 4P0  A0K 4S0  A0K 4T0  A0K 4V0  A0K 4W0  A0K 5C0  A0K 5P0  A0K 5S0  A0K 5V0  A0K 5Y0  A0M 1K0  A0N 0A6  A0N 0B5  A0N 2K0  A0N 2L0  A0P 0A6  A0P 0B1  A0P 1K0  A0P 1M0

A0K Remote: A0K 0B5  A0K 1N0  A0P 0A1 - A0P 0A2  A0P 0A4  A0P 0A7 - A0P 0A9  A0P 1A0  A0P 1G0  A0P 1J0  A0P 1L0  A0P 1N0  A0P 1P0

Northwest Territories

(X0E - X1A)

8 Business Days Postal Codes

Upto 8 business days.


13 Business Days Postal Codes

Upto 13 business days.

X0E Remote: X0E 0A0  X0E 0A2  X0E 0A6  X0E 0B3 - X0E 0B8  X0E 0G0  X0E 0H0  X0E 0K0  X0E 0S0  X0E 0V0  X0E 0Z0  X0E 1A0  X0E 1L0  X0E 1N0  X0E 1P0  X0E 1R0  X0E 1W0  X0E 1Z0

X0E  X0G

Nova Scotia

(B0C - B9A)

2-3 Business Days Postal Codes

Upto 2-3 business days.

B0C  B0E  B0H  B0J - B0N  B0P  B0R - B0T  B0V - B0W

B1A - B1C  B1E  B1G - B1H  B1J - B1N  B1P  B1R - B1T  B1V - B1Y

B2A  B2C  B2E  B2G - B2H  B2J  B2N  B2R - B2T

B2V - B2Z

B3A - B3B  B3H  B3J - B3N  B3P  B3R - B3T  B3V  B3Z

B3E  B3G

B4A - B4C  B4E  B4G

B4H  B4N  B4P  B4R  B4V




13 Business Days Postal Codes

Upto 13 business days.

B0C Remote: B0C 1E0  B0K 1J0


(X0A - X0C)

6 Business Days Postal Codes

Up to 6 business days.

X0A Remote: X0A 0A1  X0A 0H0  X0A 1H0

X0A Remote: X0A 0A3  X0A 0W0

13 Business Days Postal Codes

Upto 13 business days.

X0A Remote: X0A 0A0  X0A 0A4 - X0A 0B4  X0A 0C0  X0A 0E0  X0A 0G0  X0A 0J0  X0A 0K0  X0A 0L0  X0A 0N0  X0A 0R0  X0A 0S0  X0A 0V0  X0C 0A1 - X0C 0A7  X0C 0G0

X0A - X0C


(K0A - K9V, L0A - L9Z, M0R - M9W, N0A - N9Y, P0A - P9N)

2-4 Business Days Postal Codes

Up to 2-4 business days.

K0A - K0B  K0E  K0G - K0H  K0J


K0K - K0M

K1A - K1C  K1E  K1G - K1H  K1J - K1N  K1P  K1R - K1T  K1V - K1Z

K2A - K2C  K2E  K2G - K2H  K2J - K2M  K2P  K2R - K2T  K2V - K2W


K4B - K4C  K4K  K4M  K4P  K4R

K6A  K6H  K6J - K6K  K6T  K6V

K7A  K7C  K7G - K7H  K7K - K7N  K7P  K7S  K7V


K8A - K8B  K8H

K8N  K8P  K8R  K8V

K9A  K9H  K9J - K9L  K9V

L0A - L0C  L0E  L0G - L0H  L0J  L0N  L0P  L0R - L0S

L0K - L0M

L1A - L1C  L1E

L1G - L1H  L1J - L1N  L1P  L1R

L1S - L1T  L1V - L1Z

L2A  L2E  L2G - L2H  L2J

L2M - L2N  L2P  L2R - L2T  L2V - L2W

L3B - L3C  L3J - L3K  L3M  L3V  L3Z

L3L  L3P  L3R - L3T  L3X - L3Y

L4A - L4C  L4E  L4G - L4H  L4J - L4L  L4S - L4T  L4V - L4Z

L4M - L4N  L4P


L5A - L5C  L5E  L5G - L5H  L5J - L5N  L5P  L5R - L5T  L5V - L5W

L6A - L6C  L6E  L6G  L6P  L6R - L6T  L6V - L6Z

L6H  L6J - L6M

L7A  L7L - L7N  L7P  L7R - L7T

L7B - L7C  L7E  L7G  L7J - L7K

L8B  L8E  L8G - L8H  L8J - L8N  L8P  L8R - L8T  L8V - L8W

L9A - L9C  L9G - L9H  L9K

L9E  L9J  L9L  L9N  L9P  L9R  L9T  L9V - L9X

L9M  L9S  L9Y - L9Z


M1B - M1C  M1E  M1G - M1H  M1J - M1N  M1P  M1R - M1T  M1V - M1X

M2H  M2J - M2N  M2P  M2R

M3A - M3C  M3H  M3J - M3N

M4A - M4C  M4E  M4G - M4H  M4J - M4N  M4P  M4R - M4T  M4V - M4Y

M5A - M5C  M5E  M5G - M5H  M5J - M5N  M5P  M5R - M5T  M5V - M5X

M6A - M6C  M6E  M6G - M6H  M6J - M6N  M6P  M6R - M6S

M7A  M7R  M7Y

M8V - M8Z

M9A - M9C  M9L - M9N  M9P  M9R  M9V - M9W

N0A  N0E

N0B - N0C  N0G - N0H  N0J - N0N  N0P  N0R



N1C  N1E  N1G - N1H  N1K - N1L  N1P  N1R - N1T


N2A - N2C  N2E  N2G - N2H  N2J - N2N  N2P  N2R  N2T  N2V


N3A - N3B

N3C  N3E  N3H

N3L  N3P  N3R - N3T  N3V - N3W  N3Y


N4G  N4K - N4L  N4N  N4S - N4T  N4V - N4X  N4Z

N5A  N5C  N5H  N5L  N5P  N5R

N5V - N5Z

N6A - N6C  N6E  N6G - N6H  N6J - N6N  N6P

N7A  N7G  N7L - N7M  N7S - N7T  N7V - N7X

N8A  N8H  N8M

N8N  N8P  N8R - N8T  N8V - N8Y

N9A - N9C  N9E  N9G - N9H  N9J - N9K

N9V  N9Y

P0M Remote: P0M 1Z0  P0M 3G0

P0A - P0C  P0E  P0G

P0H  P0J - P0N  P0P  P0R - P0S


P0V - P0Y

P1A - P1C

P1H  P1L  P1P


P2B  P2N

P3A - P3C  P3E  P3G

P3L  P3N  P3P  P3Y

P4N  P4P  P4R

P5A  P5E


P6A - P6C

P7A - P7C  P7E  P7G  P7J - P7L



P9A  P9N

6 Business Days Postal Codes

Up to 6 business days.

N0R Remote: N0R 1M0

P0H Remote: P0H 1C0  P0L 0A2  P0L 0B5  P0L 1W0  P0L 1Y0  P0L 2P0  P0M 0B3  P0M 1C0  P0M 2S0  P0M 2X0  P0M 2Z0  P0T 0C8  P0T 1P0  P0T 3E0  P0V 0B5  P0V 1M0  P0V 2A0  P0V 3C0  P0X 0A5  P0X 1B0  P0X 1E0  P0X 1P0

P0L Remote: P0L 0A7  P0L 0B2  P0L 0B4  P0L 1A0  P0L 1H0  P0L 1S0  P0L 2H0  P0T 0A1  P0T 0B1 - P0T 0B2  P0T 0C7  P0T 1L0  P0T 1Z0  P0T 2L0  P0T 3A0  P0T 3B0  P0V 0A1  P0V 0A3  P0V 0A7  P0V 0B1  P0V 0B4  P0V 0B8 - P0V 0B9  P0V 0C1 - P0V 0C5  P0V 0C7  P0V 1B0  P0V 1E0  P0V 1G0  P0V 1J0  P0V 1N0  P0V 1V0  P0V 1W0  P0V 1Y0  P0V 1Z0  P0V 2G0  P0V 2L0  P0V 2P0  P0V 2Y0  P0V 2Z0  P0V 3B0  P0V 3E0  P0V 3G0

Prince Edward Island

(C0A - C1N)

2-3 Business Days Postal Codes

Up to 2-3 business days.

C0A - C0B

C1A - C1C  C1E



(G0A - G9X, H0M - H9X, J0A - J9Z)

1-3 Business Days Postal Codes

Up to 1-3 business days.


G0C  G0E  G0G  G0W

G0H  G0T  G0V  G0X

G0J - G0L

G0M - G0N  G0P  G0R - G0S  G0Y - G0Z

G1A - G1C  G1E  G1G - G1H  G1J - G1N  G1P  G1R - G1T  G1V - G1Y

G2A - G2C  G2E  G2G  G2J - G2N

G3A - G3C  G3E  G3G - G3H  G3J - G3N  G3S  G3Z

G4A  G4R - G4S  G4X


G4W  G4Z

G5A - G5B

G5C  G5H  G5J  G5L - G5N  G5R  G5T

G5V  G5X - G5Z

G6A - G6C  G6E  G6G - G6H  G6J - G6L  G6P  G6R - G6T  G6V - G6Z


G7B  G7G - G7H  G7J - G7K  G7S - G7T  G7X - G7Z

G7N  G7P

G8A - G8C  G8E  G8G - G8H  G8K - G8N  G8T  G8V - G8W  G8Y - G8Z

G8J  G8P

G9A - G9C

G9H  G9N  G9P  G9R  G9T  G9X



H1A - H1C  H1E  H1G - H1H  H1J - H1N  H1P  H1R - H1T  H1V - H1Z

H2A - H2C  H2E  H2G - H2H  H2J - H2N  H2P  H2R - H2T  H2V - H2Z

H3A - H3C  H3E  H3G - H3H  H3J - H3N  H3P  H3R - H3T  H3V - H3Z

H4A - H4C  H4E  H4G - H4H  H4J - H4N  H4P  H4R - H4T  H4V - H4Z

H5A - H5B

H7A - H7C  H7E  H7G - H7H  H7J - H7N  H7P  H7R - H7T  H7V - H7Y

H8N  H8P  H8R - H8T  H8Y - H8Z

H9A - H9C  H9E  H9G - H9H  H9J - H9K  H9P  H9R - H9S  H9W - H9X

J0A - J0C  J0E  J0G - J0H  J0J - J0L  J0N  J0P  J0R - J0T  J0V - J0Z

J1A  J1E  J1G - J1H  J1J - J1N  J1S - J1T  J1X

J1C  J1R  J1Z

J2A - J2C  J2E

J2G - J2H  J2J - J2N  J2R - J2T  J2W - J2Y

J3A - J3B  J3E  J3G - J3H  J3L - J3N  J3P  J3R  J3T  J3V  J3X - J3Z

J4B  J4T

J4G - J4H  J4J - J4N  J4P  J4R - J4S  J4V - J4Z

J5A - J5C  J5J - J5N  J5R  J5T  J5V - J5Z

J6A  J6E  J6J - J6K  J6N  J6R - J6T  J6V - J6Z

J7A - J7C  J7E  J7G - J7H  J7J - J7N  J7P  J7R  J7T  J7V - J7Z

J8A - J8C  J8E  J8G - J8H  J8L - J8N

J8P  J8R  J8T  J8V

J8X - J8Z


J9B  J9E  J9L  J9P  J9T  J9V  J9X - J9Z

J9H  J9J

6 Business Days Postal Codes

Up to 6 business days.

G0G Remote: G0G 0A2 - G0G 0A3  G0G 0A6 - G0G 0A7  G0G 0B3 - G0G 0B5  G0G 0C1  G0G 0C7 - G0G 0C8  G0G 1G0  G0G 1M0  G0G 1N0  G0G 1T0  G0G 2C0  G0G 2R0  G0G 2W0  G0G 2Y0

G0G Remote: G0G 0A4  G0G 0A9  G0G 0B7 - G0G 0B9  G0G 0C5 - G0G 0C6  G0G 1C0  G0G 1E0  G0G 1J0  G0G 1S0  G0G 1W0  G0G 1Z0  G0G 2G0  G0G 2P0  G0G 2T0  G0G 2Z0  G0W 0A4  G0W 0C2  G0W 0C7  G0W 1C0  G0W 3B0  G0W 3C0  G0X 0E5  G0X 0E9  G0X 3M0  G0X 3P0  G0X 3R0


J0M Remote: J0M 0A1  J0M 0A3 - J0M 0A4  J0M 0A6 - J0M 0A9  J0M 0B1 - J0M 0B2  J0M 0B4 - J0M 0B7  J0M 1A0  J0M 1C0  J0M 1G0  J0M 1H0  J0M 1J0  J0M 1K0  J0M 1M0  J0M 1N0  J0M 1P0  J0M 1S0  J0M 1T0  J0M 1V0  J0M 1X0  J0M 1Y0

J0W Remote: J0W 2C0  J0Y 0A1 - J0Y 0A2  J0Y 0A5  J0Y 2X0  J0Y 3B0  J0Y 3H0




(S0A - S9X)

4-5 Business Days Postal Codes

Up to 4-5 business days.

S0A  S0C  S0K - S0L  S0N

S0E  S0G - S0H  S0J  S0M





S4K - S4N  S4P  S4R - S4T  S4V - S4Z

S6H  S6J - S6K  S6V - S6X

S7A - S7C  S7H  S7J - S7N  S7P  S7R - S7T  S7V - S7W

S9A  S9H  S9V  S9X

13 Business Days Postal Codes

Up to 13 business days.

S0C Remote: S0C 0V0  S0E 0A4  S0E 0G0  S0E 0S0  S0H 0G3  S0H 1W0  S0H 2V0  S0H 3M0  S0J 0C3  S0J 0C6  S0J 0C9  S0J 0E1  S0J 1S0  S0J 1Y0  S0J 2B0  S0J 2L0  S0J 2P0  S0J 2S0  S0J 2T0  S0J 3E0  S0K 0A9  S0K 0H0  S0K 0J8  S0K 1L0  S0K 1Y0  S0K 2C0  S0K 3N0  S0K 3S0  S0K 4B0  S0K 4E0  S0K 4H0  S0L 0B7  S0L 0E5  S0L 0J0  S0L 1Y0  S0M 0A1  S0M 0A6  S0M 0B5 - S0M 0B6  S0M 0B8  S0M 0C5 - S0M 0C6  S0M 0G0  S0M 0G3  S0M 0H0  S0M 0K0  S0M 0M0  S0M 0S0  S0M 1G0  S0M 2H0  S0M 2M0  S0M 3B0  S0M 3C0  S0M 3E0  S0M 3G0  S0M 3H0

S0J Remote: S0J 0B9  S0J 0C2  S0J 0G6  S0J 0G8  S0J 0H0 - S0J 0H1  S0J 0W0  S0J 2R0  S0J 2W0  S0J 3C0



(Y0A - Y1A)

9 Business Days Postal Codes

Up to 9 business days.


13 Business Days Postal Codes

Up to 13 business days.

Y0B Remote: Y0B 0B1  Y0B 1N0

Y0A - Y0B

Delivery times are based on normal delivery conditions. As a result, delivery times are subject to change without notice.

Canada Post may change or suspend the on-time delivery guarantee during peak periods due to causes beyond our reasonable control. These reasons include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Acts of God
  • Epidemics
  • Labour disruptions
  • Equipment failures
  • Unanticipated surges in volume

For detailed information, visit Canada Post Delivery Standard

A package's expected delivery date depends on its shipment date. As circumstances may change over time, please check the expected delivery date on the day of shipping.